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Pasha Virgin Hair


It's the most versatile and readily available hair on the market. The hair density ranges from very fine to lightly coarse.  This hair texture is bouncy and silky to the touch.  It can be easily curled and styled.  Indian hair requires minimal products and will blend well with most hair textures. 


Brazilian Hair is the most sought after texture on the market right now.  This texture is the easiest to blend with most hair textures.  From Caucasian textures to African American relaxed textures, this hair is used diversely because of its softness, durability and density.  Brazilian hair is extremely luxurious and very soft with a lot of body and natural shine when compared to Indian hair.  Brazilian Hair holds curls longer than most hair textures and is least likely to frizz.  Because of it's density, you won't need more than 3 bundles of hair.  Medium to low luster.


Peruvian Hair is the ultimate luxury hair! It's extremely soft and is very light weight! You can have up to five bundles of Peruvian hair installed, yet still maintain a feathery, light style without feeling weighed down. This hair is coarser in texture when compared to Indian, Malaysian, and Brazilian hair. This hair blends very well with African-American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures.  Low to medium luster.


Malaysian Hair is a highly sought after texture and a very popular option among celebrities. Malaysian hair has an extremely luxurious feel and is sleek and shiny.  The luster is similar to Brazilian hair-low to medium luster.  This hair hold curls extremely well without the use of products.  It generally  comes in a very dark brown to medium black. This hair blends very well with most hair types including African American texture.  It may frizz in humid conditions, making this hair higher in maintenance than other hair types.. 

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Mongolian Hair has the thickest cuticles when compared to other Asian hair textures.  The hair strands are lusciously silky with endless body and bounce.  This hair blends well with most hair textures.  Great vacation hair!!


Cambodian Hair is absolutely beautiful and full of body and is in high demand due to its soft, luxurious texture.  It is the silkiest and fullest texture on the market today.  The hair texture is very lightweight which makes it easy to wear and maintain.  This hair is a perfect match with freshly relaxed African American hair because of it's slightly coarse texture.  With proper care, the hair will maintain its natural silky and luxurious state.