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Pasha Virgin Hair

Hair Maintenance

It is important that you begin proper care for your hair extensions as soon as you get them.  Remember to treat your hair extensions as you would your own hair.  Here are a few tips to assist you along the way.


We recommend you wash your hair extensions at least twice a week using mild or sulfate free shampoos.  This is important as harsh shampoos will strip the hair of it's moisture, leaving it dry and dull looking.  Divide the hair into 4 sections using hair clamps or ties. Gently shampoo the hair, working from the bottom up. Rinse thoroughly using warm water.


It is highly recommended to deep condition your hair extensions every 2 weeks.  Apply about a quarter size amount of rich moisturizing conditioner to your hair and leave in about 30-45 minutes.  To assist with detangling and even distribution, gently comb your extensions beginning at the bottom and gently move your way up with a wide tooth comb.  Rinse in the same manner and allow hair to air dry.  Only blow-dry when necessary.  After every wash, apply a reasonable amount of hair serum such as John Frieda Frizz Ease or Moroccan Argan Oil while the hair is still damp before leaving it to air dry.....remember, less is more!!  This will give your hair a  healthy shine.  The use of oil in excess, will weigh the hair down.  If you plan to leave parts of your own hair out with the install, it is very important that you properly care for your hair.  Wash and deep condition hair to restore the moisture back into your hair.  This routine will keep your hair soft and allow your tresses to blend perfectly with the extensions.  The Keracare wax stick is a great product to use to tame frizz and control edges.  It also works well for those who have issues with blending.  Eliminate any products that contain alcohol to avoid dry, damaged looking extensions. 


To get the bombshell celebrity/model look, we recommend the use of heating tools such as a curling wand, flat iron, or any other straightening tool.  Always use a heat protectant prior to applying any heat to the hair.  Do not apply heat to your natural hair on a daily basis, doing so can cause heat damage and breakage.  Bendy rollers are a great alternative to heating tools.  They can be used at night and taken out for perfect curls in the morning.  Below are videos that demonstrate how to get gorgeous curls with or without heat!