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Pasha Virgin Hair

100% Pure Virgin Hair-My Story

I decided to take a trip with my husband to Jamaica and needed a low maintenance hair style that would allow me to enjoy my vacation while still looking fabulous.  A friend suggested that I use hair extensions to achieve a low maintenance look.  After doing a little research, I purchased hair samples from several online stores promising the look of real human hair.  You can imagine my disappointment after the first install.  The hair did not blend at all with my natural hair and the wefts were very thinned out.  When compared to my own natural hair, the hair looked unnatural and unhealthy. I was left with a loss of over $400 for bundles of hair that were less than 90 grams that tangled and matted.

In addition to planning for a vacation, I was also in the process of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.  I needed good quality hair extensions to assist me in the transitioning stage, so searching for premium quality hair to blend well with my own hair texture that could provide an authentic look was a must.  After much extensive research, I realized there was a huge demand for thick, healthy, quality virgin hair that everyone woman wants at an affordable price.  Very few are meeting that demand because companies would rather capitalize on selling cheaper grades of hair in order to achieve a better return on investment.  I decided to fill that demand and start my own hair line...Pasha Virgin Hair!

Pasha Virgin Hair sells 100% pure virgin hair at an affordable price.  We receive our hair directly from the country of origin, leaving out the middle man. This allows us to provide a luxurious product at a lower cost to our customers so every woman can feel like an A-list celebrity without breaking the bank.  Our hair has not undergone any chemical treatment or altering in any way, leaving the hair cuticles damage free.  We carry Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Indian hair textures.  Our hair is thick and luxurious from root to tip and of the highest grade.  Don't be fooled by the quality of hair purchased in beauty stores and on various websites.  Remember, you get what you pay for!  

We understand the attention to detail that women place on their hair and overall appearance.  As a career woman myself I understand the importance of maintaining a balanced look.  Looking your best allows people to focus on your attributes instead of flaws in your appearance.  This is why our hair goes through a quality control check to ensure that our customers are provided with the highest grade of unprocessed human hair.  Our customers will experience no shedding, tangles, or matting when taken care of properly.  If you're tired of spending more and ending up with less, you're in the right place!  We are  located in the United States, but are able to reach clientele in various countries through our online service.